The Midian Curse

Read Numbers 31: 1-16

Moses had led the children to the border of the Promised Land after wandering through the wilderness for 40 long years. In that time they endured much and witnessed the miraculous power of God deliver and keep them time and time again. Yet they continued to complain and grumble in spite of being eyewitnesses to the amazing display of God’s power on their behalf. God delivered them from hunger, thirst, and enemies.

One enemy in particular had caused much grief for the Israelites that it caused God to proclaim the destruction of this enemy. The Midianite King Balak had sent for a seer, Balaam, to curse the people whom God had blessed and separated unto himself as a holy nation. Time after time, try as he might Balaam could not place a curse on God’s people. Instead, each time he opened his mouth, much to the chagrin of King Balak, he would begin to bless them. Seeing the futility of trying to curse those people whom God had blessed, Balaam counseled King Balak to have the Midianite women seduce the Israelites and lead them into idol worship.

In Numbers 31, we see that God commands Moses to avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites. This commandment is a direct result of the mass deception and seduction of the children of Israel by the women of Midian into wickedness, perversion, and worshipping of false gods. God wanted the Midianites destroyed for what they had done to His chosen people.

Evil most oftentimes presents itself as sensual, beautiful, and pleasurable. Most of the time the Christian can discern when evil comes in. When sin comes in its unmasked form we can easily turn it aside. But when it comes in a form of worship that appeals to the senses the undiscerning Christian can be easily seduced. It is of critical importance to understand that the nation of Israel continued in a form of worship.  This type of worship appealed to the flesh! Forsaking the true God, they fulfilled their lusts and all the while continued in what they believed to be worship. This is abomination as those who worship the Lord must worship Him in Spirit and Truth. You cannot mix the pleasures and things of the world with the worship of the Almighty God.

The Church is under attack with these same spirits that continue to enter in with their sensual and pleasurable message. While it not be in the same form that the children of Israel participated in, the enemy has crept into our native and non-native churches with a message that is leading people astray.

There are agents of satan among the church who have crept in with a message that slowly takes the focus of worshipping God onto worship of self. We have begun to worship our identity as creations of God rather than worship the Lord. We parade our achievements, our programs, and our cultures into our worship services. We have brought fleshly and sensual things that bring us pleasure into worship, rather than concentrating on the things that bring pleasure to God! It is not worship of the Lord any longer when this happens. It is abomination. It is sin. And it must be destroyed.

We cannot come into the House of God with any remnants of self-identification, instead we are to lose all vestiges of our identities and become like Christ. Does Jesus carry a drum? Does He carry a rattle? Does He light sage so that his prayers can be heard? NO!  He walked in faith that His life was pleasing to the Father because of His obedience unto the Father. He was filled with the Spirit of God. And we must also be filled with the Spirit. It is time to stop holding on to the things that held us in bondage and grab hold of the things of God. We are people of faith!

And woe to those who have deceived our people into believing this satanic deception. Like the Midianites they will be destroyed lest they repent. You have caused fleshly and sensual worship to enter into the House of God. The wrath of God rests upon the shoulders of those who have caused these little ones to err, to stumble, and to fall.

Repent, for the Return of Christ is at hand.

2010 © His Beloved Remnant Ministries


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