Now Faith – audio

Read Mark 5: 24-34

Jesus was on his way to heal the sick son of a leader of the synagogue. On his way there another miraculous event took place.

Leviticus 15: 19,  declared that any woman who had an issue of blood was unclean and anyone who touched her would be unclean. Anything she touched, as well, would be unclean.

Her uncleanness would have made life difficult for her. No one could touch her. She could not touch anyone. Imagine having to go through life without ever having a hug, or even just a handshake! She would have lived a very lonely and isolated existence. People would move out of the way when they saw her coming. She had to live everyday like this. She likely spent most of her time at home — alone. And she had lived like this for twelve years.

Click the Play button on the audio link above to hear this message.


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