I Will Wait Upon the Lord!

And I will wait upon the LORD, that hideth his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him.”  Isaiah 8:17

Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do. We have become so used to the speed of which business is operated that we forget that there was a time when the pace of life moved much slower. We can e-mail or call anywhere in the world. We can fly across the Atlantic at supersonic speeds. We can drive-up and drive-thru to get our coffee or Happy Meals™. The world has changed at a breakneck speed. Microwaves, motion controlled lighting, movie theatre sized TV’s and many many other advances have made our lives easier and more comfortable. Knowledge has increased exponentially!

My parents grew up in a time when they had no such luxuries in their home. They had to work to stay warm and to eat. In fact, you could say that their very survival depended on them working.Their stories of how they needed to spend all day working to get wood, or snaring animals for food, framed against our comfortable style of living, is fascinating and remarkable.

Our spiritual lives are similar in many respects to these two paradigms. The increase in knowledge of God’s Word has been as exponential. We have a vast array of resources in the form of books, TV programs, the internet, and entire communications networks based on the spread of God’s Word. But I cannot help but think that this bounty of knowledge has come at a price. All of these resources have not increased our hunger for God’s Word. In fact, I truly believe that this increased knowledge has made us comfortable. We think we can find the answers to our lives through seeker-friendly and purpose-driven churches and resources. We wait on our Pastors and Evangelists to tell us what God is saying. We have become so comfortable that we drive-up and drive-thru our churches looking for the Happy Meal™ version of God’s Word rather than doing as the Bible says to “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.”

I am just as guilty as the next person in failing to get on my knees early in the morning and seeking the face of God through prayer and study of His Word. There are still many saints of God who diligently seek God daily in this manner. But there are many more who walk through the day without so much as a prayer and consuming the Word of God before stepping out the door. Many have stopped “waiting” on God. We have become too comfortable. We don’t have time anymore because our lives are bombarded every day by things that demand our attention. The internet, TV, video games, and everything else that we think has made our lives more enjoyable and comfortable has stolen our time away  from seeking the heart and will of God.

Real joy and comfort comes in knowing God. It comes in seeking the face of God. It comes in knowing that when life gets too busy and overwhelming the Word of God is the only quieting and calming force in the universe that brings peace in the times of trouble. TV, the internet and other techological advances may bring an escape for a few moments, but the Word of God brings lasting joy and peace.

God hides His face from the world. It is only those who will seek Him that will find Him. The tragedy in our increase in knowledge is that there has been a decrease in a thirsting and hunger for God. Where are those who will fast and pray until God meets them? Where are those who will stay on their knees until God answers them? Where are those who will study and devour God’s Word until they have been filled? Where are those who will wait on God?

Are you one of them?

God Bless.

2010 © His Beloved Remnant Ministries


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