The LORD, The LORD God

Exodus 33: 18 – 19
And he (Moses) said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.
And he (The LORD) said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.

There are many names by which the Lord God is called. He is Jehovah Jireh. He is El Shaddai. He is known as Jehovah-Shalom. He is the Comforter. He is the Prince of Peace, the Creator of Heaven and earth. He is Saviour. These are all names that signify a character of God that He wants to make known to each of us. It is His desire that we come to trust Him in all facets of our life. And in order to do that we need to really know Him.

It is commanded by Christ Himself that we should “learn of Him.” We are to become intimately aware of who He is. We cannot love or trust Him, until we have gotten to know Him. Like Moses, we must come to a place where God gloriously reveals  Himself to us in such a way we become acutely aware of who He really is. This place of intimate knowledge of God  is unforgettable and life-changing. Unfortunately, it is almost unheard of in our small sliver of time to hear of such a glorious encounter with God.

Starting from the time of the New Testatment, Paul, in the book of Acts, certainly had a spectacular encounter with God in a similar fashion. So too did James, John, and Peter when they witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus. John further went on to have such a divine revelation of Christ he wrote the entire book of Revelation based on it.

In the Old Testament, Gideon, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Isaiah are among those who shared such a glorious vision of God, but nowhere else in the Word of God do we see these words uttered so boldly as they were by Moses — Show Me Your Glory! Many may ask that same question today, but I think there are few who actually have had the same experience as Moses did that day on the Mount.

This was the same Moses who was miraculously saved from death as a baby and had grown up in the home of the one who had issued the death sentence for all male Hebrew babies. This was the same Moses who had encountered the burning bush in the desert. The same Moses who saw the ten plagues fall upon Egypt while his own people, the Israelites, were left unharmed. The same Moses who saw the Red Sea parted. The same Moses who witnessed water come from the rock. This was a man who had seen and had lived the miraculous. And yet, in spite of all of this, Moses asked God “Show me your glory.”

There must have been an intense hunger in this man. Something that caused his heart to look beyond the miraculous and desire just to know God in His Glory. I wonder if there are any men like this today. Each of us as Christians should have such a heart. But the sad fact is that we come so very short.

The Bible tells us that God spoke with Moses much like a friend talks with a friend — face to face. You would think then that Moses had seen the fullness of God. In fact, Moses knew that there was still something more about God that he had not yet come to know. There was something yet that God had not allowed to be revealed to Moses. It was the Glory of God that Moses so desperately wanted to know and see. This desperation is what we need in our own hearts.

How is it that we can come to such an incredible knowledge of God, but yet never know God? There are so many who view this Christian life as nothing more than supernatural rehab from their addictions and bondages. There are many who view God as their golden ticket to wealth and security. There are others who use God as a means of political posturing and gaining ground for their own agendas. And still there are those who use God as a means for justifying their own social agendas and promoting hatred. There are so few who actually know God!

Exodus 34: 5 – 8
And the LORD descended in the cloud, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the LORD. And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, … And Moses made haste, and bowed his head toward the earth, and worshipped.

I want to know Him. I want to know Him in a way that I have never known Him before. I do not want to come into a place where I become so comfortable with my knowledge of God that I become complacent with just an everyday experience of prayer and reading. Those are good in themselves and I encourage every Christian to read their Bible and pray every day. But what I am talking about is having such an intimate knowledge of God that it causes you to fall to your face and worship Him. He is my Friend. But how many of us would ever fall to the feet of a friend and worship Him?

Something so profound happened to Moses. Something so extraordinary took place that day in Moses’ life that it changed him. From that day forward, Moses’s face shone with the Glory of God. In fact, his face shone so brightly that it became necessary for him to wear a veil over his face to calm the fears of the Israelites. His face shone so brightly that fear gripped the hearts of the Israelites and they would not come near to Moses. Isn’t this always the case for someone who has been shut-in with God? When the light of God begins to shine in their lives and conviction falls on people around them they become feared. People begin to look upon them differently. They become feared and hated.

It is amazing when the glory and anointing of God falls upon someone that those people who we could once spend time with suddenly distance themselves from you. David was hunted by Saul because of it. Paul was imprisoned because of it. Peter was crucified upside down because of it. John the Baptist was beheaded for it. John, who penned the book of Revelation while imprisoned on a lonley isle called Patmos, was boiled in oil for it. Jesus was crucified for it. The anointing and Glory of God sheds a light so brilliant that the secret things on man’s hearts are revealed. It is a scary thing when you suddenly realize that you stand before God open and transparent. You suddenly realize that you stand in front of God as a condemned man. And it does not feel good. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.

I truly believe that what Moses saw that day was so incredible, so magnificent, so wonderful that his view of God as His Friend changed forever.

God’s Glory is in His name. When God answered Moses’s request He said to him:

And he (The LORD) said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee;

When He finally revealed Himself to Moses, the Bible tells us that God came and stood with him there. And in that moment God revealed His name  to Moses like this: “The Lord, The Lord God!”

Beloved, the depth of the magnificent Glory of God; the wonderful treasures that are hidden in Him are so deep, so profound, that the human mind cannot possibly grasp the entire width and breadth of the immensity and even the simplicity of who our God is. There is such a golden, glorious treasure hidden in the name of our God. His name is worthy of all praise. His name is higher than any other name. At the mention of His name all of heaven shouts in praise and worship of his glorious splendor which shall be revealed to us throughout eternity with Him. He is so much more than we could ever possibly imagine.

For some He is Saviour. For some He is Comforter. For others He is the Master Teacher. But in all of this, in all of our understanding, in all of the situations that we face in life God is enormously, immensely larger than we could ever imagine. When He said His name the first time as The Lord, everything that Moses had known of Him up to that point was shown to him. But when God said to him “the Lord, The LORD God” that repeating of His name revealed a hidden treasure trove of so much that Moses had never seen of God. In that moment, Moses saw the Lord in His fullness. In that moment, the glorious hidden secret things of God were so magnificently revealed that the Bible says Moses made haste to fall on his face and worship this spirit being whom he had known as a friend.

Imagine it is you standing in Moses’ place. You have known the Lord in His goodness towards you. He has kept you through financial difficulty. He has kept you through enormous temptations and trials. He has been there when you lost your loved one. He was with you through the darkest, hardest times of your life. When friends forsook you, He never ever once left you by yourself. And yet in all of those things, He was always so much more! And all of Him is available unto us. It is to our loss that we only know Him for as much as we need Him. Who will be willing, like Moses was, to ask God to show me your glory Lord?

It is such a wonderful thrill to read the words that say that the Lord descended and stood with Moses there. That should thrill your heart to know that the Lord, when He hears you call on His name, that He Himself will come down and stand with you. That should make you leap and shout for joy. The maker of heaven and earth, the Saviour of all mankind, and the Redeemer of our doomed souls loves you so much that He will stand with you when no one else will. He is more than you could ever know. The majesty of our God is beyond comprehension. When Moses fully understood this all he could do was to quickly fall to his face and worship the Almighty God, the LORD God.

Press in to His Presence Beloved. Press in. In His Presence, you will find that He was so much more than what we have ever imagined or known Him to be. He is the LORD, The LORD God.

God Bless.

©2010 His Beloved Remnant Ministries.


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