After a long train ride back from Moosonee, Ontario, we are back home.

This weekend was amazing. God’s presence was with us throughout the weekend. Sonia shared some incredible words of exhortation regarding the need to go deeper into the Word of God. She pleaded with the church to press in to the presence of God. She spoke of the critical time in history we are in where there is such evil that surrounds us. It is time for every Christian to seek the deeper things of God. There is such deception that exists, so many devilish doctrines, that we must be filled with the Word of God in order to discern what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to His people in these last days.

Sonia and Derek shared some wonderful songs with the congregation that were gathered there in the All Nations Outreach Ministries building. Derek and the children sang together for the first time a beautiful song, “Nothing But the Blood“, that brought everyone to tears. It was a marvelous weekend.

We were touched by the generosity of the people there. Sonia had been asking the Lord for a new Bible in her prayer time and while we were there an elder within the church gave her a brand new Bible! God is so good.

Beloved, we want to appeal to you right now. This church we visited has such an anointing upon it. There is such freedom of praise and worship in that place. But our hearts were burdened by what we saw. The condition of their church building was sad to see. We had to be careful where we sat as there was water leaking from the ceiling of the church. The roof was caving in from some places and we could clearly see that the foundation of the church was no longer a solid foundation. The building is ready to fall. We truly believe that it is only the Lord that is keeping this building standing at this time. This church needs the help of brothers and sisters from all over the world.

If the Lord places it on your heart to help in any way, please contact this ministry at hisbelovedremnant@gmail.com to let us know how you wish to help. You can also contact allnations.pastor@gmail.com to let them know how you wish to help.

Beloved, this is urgent! This church desperately needs the help of brothers and sisters all over the world! The Pastor of All Nations Outreach Ministries has been given a vision by the Lord that revival is near and the time is now to build a new church. And the Pastor knows that this help will only come from God and His children. Please, if the Lord speaks to your heart in any way to help, please contact us right away.

His Beloved Remnant Ministries has made a commitment to helping All Nations Outreach Ministries in the construction of their new church.

We have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Sonia’s book, Rise Up My Beloved, towards their goal of a new church for All Nations Outreach Ministries. You can help them by purchasing a copy of Sonia’s testimonial book. You will be blessed and be a blessing at the same time!

To purchase a copy of Sonia’s Book, Rise Up My Beloved click here

To view All Nations Outreach Ministries facebook page: click here


God Bless You, Beloved.

2011 © His Beloved Remnant Ministries


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