Moving Time once again! The Lord has been working in our lives and is refining us for His purpose.

Some time ago (in April or May of this year), the Lord spoke to me to learn how to fly. I will share the story of that sometime in the near future. But for time’s sake, I will keep this short.

The Lord has burdened Sonia and I to reach our forgotten First Nations people. He only confirmed in my heart what had been a burden upon my wife’s heart for many years. It is amazing that sometimes we will forget the things that God plants in our hearts concerning His heart for people. But God never forgets. He brought Sonia and I together to accomplish things that we would never be able to accomplish alone.

With the realization that the Lord wanted us to do this, we packed up and moved. Our lives belong to Him. We need to always remember that we were purchased— redeemed — with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. We are His servants.

So now here we are living in Southern Ontario, and I am learning how to fly so that upon graduation we can start taking the Gospel, food, and Sonia’s incredible story to our forgotten First Nations people.

Please remember to pray for us.

We also have a special announcement to make that has kept us busy the past couple of months. As of Tuesday, August 30, our little bundle of bouncing baby boyness will be seven weeks old. David McLeod was born at 11:38 am, July 12, 2011, weighing 7lbs 11ozs. He has been an incredible blessing from the Lord. It was back in the summer of 2010 that the Lord spoke to me that we would give birth to a boy and that he was to be called David. Incredible! God has been so good to us.

I have a word from the Lord that I will share in the coming weeks for all of our readers. So check back often — or subscribe to our blog — for more updates and God’s Word.

God Bless you Beloved. We love you all.

2011 ©His Beloved Remnant Ministries


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