I See Sheep!

Song of Solomon 4:1-2. Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; … Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing.

My wife is an exquisitely beautiful woman. She has an incredible smile that always brightens my day. I don’t know, however, if I could ever tell her that her smile reminds me of sheep. Yet, in this passage of scripture, the lover describes his beautiful espoused wife’s smile as shorn and washed sheep. By today’s standards that would be a backhanded compliment deserving of a reciprocal backhand. What woman would want to be told her smile reminds her husband of sheep?! The thought almost seem ridiculous.

I say almost because this is scripture. And there is a depth to this that the Lord wants us, the Church, to hear and understand.

The Song of Solomon is a dialogue between two lovers. They are espoused to one another. The marriage is looming and the anticipation of consummation has filled their hearts. She is captivated by him, and he by her. It is the story of a man and woman who have found each other and cannot bear to be apart. It is a story of a love so deep, so profound that all else pales in comparison to the depth of riches, the depth of love, that they have found in one another.

This is, of course, a story that describes the love that Christ, the bridegroom, has for His wife, the Church. He looks at His wife and sees a glorious radiant beauty in her. He tells her ‘How beautiful you are my wife. How wonderful it is to see your beauty. I am captivated by you.’

You are that bride. It is you that He is talking about. Where others may have seen how flawed and imperfect you are, Christ sees an incredible beauty.

To love is incredible, to have that love returned is even more incredible. A woman who is confident she is loved, is a woman who radiates and exudes warmth and joy to everyone around her. She is a pleasure to be around. Her smile and her laugh are contagious. In fact, her happiness is so noticeable that it creates a yearning in others, almost to the point of jealousy, to desire after the same thing.

This is what the Lord is speaking to us. His love for us is beyond any human understanding or imagination. When one grasps an even small understanding of the depth of His love, it generates a genuine response of devotion, longing, and a desire for more of Him.

Remember when you fell in love for the first time and all you could do was talk about your significant other? Remember when all you could do was lay in bed and think about them, wondering what they were doing? Remember when you would get together with your friends and they would ask you why you seemed so happy all the time?

Remember when you first fell in love with Jesus and you did all these same things?

When people see how in love you are with Christ, when they see how truly happy and blessed you are by your lover, Jesus, they will want Him too.

What Christ sees in your love and desire for Him are the many others, the sheep, who will come following you to the Good Shepherd. Your smile, your life, for Him is a living epistle of God’s goodness in your life.

We were once like the lost sheep Jesus describes in one of His many parables. We could have died in our wilderness. But He came and sought us and found us. Picture that lost sheep with its wooly coat matted and dirty. Picture that poor sheep in the arms of the Good Shepherd being brought home and lovingly cared for. Its wooly coat is cut to remove the burrs and debris stuck within. Then tenderly, gently, the Good Shepherd washes away the filth and stains of the wilderness. And that sheep is brought into the fold where it is safe from all harm as the Good Shepherd stands guard to protect it from predators. This is what Christ did for us. This is what makes me love Him.

Can others see your love for Him? Does your life glorify Him? Behind that smile, can Christ see the other lost sheep? Are you leading others to Him. Remember you were once a lost sheep too. He is to be our first and only love.

God Bless Beloved.

2011© His Beloved Remnant Ministries.


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