UPDATE: Operation Gospel AirLift

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Saints of God!

We have been busy in the last few months with raising David and awaiting the arrival of Joshua Carter who is due to make his appearance into this world on June 25, 2012. It is sure to be an anxious time of waiting over the next ten weeks.

At this time, I want to introduce you to something that has burdened our hearts for quite some time. While my wife were in intense intercession about nine or ten months ago, the Lord gave me a vision of a young aboriginal woman who was visibly broken with hopelessness and despair. I saw her sitting on a stoop crying. In that moment the Lord showed me that she believed that she was alone and forgotten. She believed that she was unloved. The Lord spoke to me that He wanted us to go and tell her, and many others like her, that He has not forgotten her, and that He loves her. There are many more like her in so many isolated villages throughout Canada. Many of these places can only be reached by airplane. With that in mind, the Lord instructed me to learn how to fly. After several hours of flight training, and numerous hours of ground school, I am nearing my first solo flight. Hopefully, within the next six to eight months we are hoping to have completed the flight training and obtained the pilot’s license.

It has been a long and difficult road to get to this point, but God never said that it would be easy. When Jesus told His disciples, “Let us cross over to the other side,” He did not say it would be smooth sailing. Sometimes, we need to let faith operate. And that we have done. It has been a step out of the boat onto the stormy seas for us the past year. And it seems that the waves are getting bigger, but though the winds and seas may howl and test us, we know that our Lord is bigger than any storm. The vision remains, and we must remain committed and focused.

Although our pockets are empty, God’s are not. We know that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. We know that our Father owns “cattle on a thousand hills.” The gold and the silver is His. What we have done now is to write the vision and to make it plain. You can read about it here at GiveMeaning.com:

Gospel AirLift (click the link to open a new window)

While you’re there please vote for this project. We need 100 votes for this to become a project that is viable for sponsorship. Please share this link with others you think may be interested in voting. A vote requires no financial commitment, just the belief that you agree with the objectives of this proposal.

Thank you Beloved, and may our Lord and Saviour richly bless you.

2012 © His Beloved Remnant Ministries


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