Cat Lake First Nation receive and read Rise Up My Beloved!

Earlier this year, we read the story in the link below and it broke our hearts. We knew that somehow we needed to get a word to this First Nation. We sought the Lord in prayer to make a way to reach the people of this community. We wanted to get copies of RISE UP MY BELOVED into the hands of the people of Cat Lake, Ontario (located over 1000 kms north in bush country Northern Ontario).

It was about three weeks later that we attended special services in Kettle Point, Ontario (in southern Ontario) where we met a wonderful couple who would be travelling into Cat Lake just a few days later. The Lord had made a way and we were able to give this “missionary” couple ten copies of the book to handout to whomever they felt led to give one to. We could not remember their names, nor did we have their contact info; but just today, we received a friend request on Facebook from a woman from Cat Lake who told us how much the book has been a blessing to her. She has passed the book on to members of her family. Others as well have received the book. The Lord is touching people in Cat Lake through the book. Praise God!!! This has greatly encouraged us and fanned the flames beneath us to see this book reach every First Nation community in Canada and the USA!!

If you want to help, please contact us!–first-nations-children-send-distressing-letter-to-addicted-parents





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