A Conversation …

A conversation between the Heavenly Father and a modern-day Christian.

“I am your child, God. Because I am your child, and you are the King of Kings, I am therefore royalty. Therefore I am legally entitled to everything in your kingdom. I want all the benefits of the kingdom given to me. I want the best house, the best car, the highest paying job, people to serve me, I want the most beautiful or handsomest and loving spouse, I want them to love and worship me as the only person on earth. I deserve to be treated with respect and honour, I am after all your child. I am a King’s child. And because of that, God, I deserve the best of everything. And I know you love me and I will love you so much more for all of these blessings you have given and are going to give me.”

“Yes child you are mine. You have been adopted into my family, and I will love you no less than my first begotten, Jesus Christ. Look to Him and His example of how I blessed Him with all of these things; although He had no home of His own, I gave Him the warm earth as His bed during the cold nights. Although He held no job, I clothed Him with a single garment that was torn from His body on the day of His death. Although He had no wife, I promised Him a spotless Bride that continues to play the harlot everyday dishonouring my precious firstborn. Although He was a King, those that I sent Him unto despised Him and rejected Him. They struck Him and spilled His precious and sinless blood upon the earth. Although His name has been lifted high and above every name in heaven and earth and is to be worshipped by every creature, His name is reviled and cursed above every name by men upon the earth. And yet upon Him, rested all of my love so much so that I called Him, My Beloved and Only Begotten Son. Yes my adopted child, I will love and bless you no less than I loved and blessed Him.”

© 2012 His Beloved Remnant Ministries


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