Rise Up My Beloved


All Hell was Raging Against My Mind.

I needed some time alone with the Lord and to just be alone, away from everyone. I needed to calm myself down. The only solace I could find was in a washroom. In that little cubicle, totally at the end of myself, I surrendered to His will. Nothing else mattered at this point except what He wanted. Knowing I was in my Heavenly Father’s hand, I cried, “Lord by obedience I will go. Give me your words to say. Help me Lord!”

Sonia McLeod, a former alcoholic and drug addict, shares the miraculous story of how God delivered her from a street life of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. Hear the heart of this woman as she takes us through a journey of faith amidst great tragedy, heartbreak, and betrayal. Cast aside by friends, family, and finally by her husband, she emerges from the ashes of ruin and rejection in the arms of her true lover, Jesus Christ. “I was not going to give up and die, but it was time to RISE UP in JESUS!”

“If God can do this in Sonia’s life, He can do it in others. Pray for this book. It will touch many lives.”

–Reverend Ernie & Shirley Linklater, Full Gospel Aboriginal Ministries, Canada


Author Profile

Author PhotoSonia McLeod, a member of the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada, is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Since the writing of this book she has pursued studies in Social Work, gotten married, and is working on reaching First Nation and indigenous communities across Canada and the world. Derek and Sonia McLeod are both ordained ministers and are the founders of His Beloved Remnant Ministries. They are currently working on establishing The House of Rahab, a Christ-based rehabilitation center for troubled women.

Website:  http://www.riseupmybeloved.com


 Reviewed by London Free Press:

Sonia Gwen Crane was addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine. She supported her habit through prostitution. Then she found out she had a baby on the way.

From that desperate situation to her present life filled with love and faith, Crane’s remarkable story is revealed in her new book, Rise Up My Beloved. Read More

Reader Review

“Rise Up My Beloved, WOW is really all I can say. I can not begin to comprehend the profound impact that the words contained in this book spoke, truth, love, and above all that there is a higher power ‘Jesus Christ’. The Word is alive and through others it is being spoken. Honestly this book speaks life. It will minister to you and for some you will relate to what Sonia went through, so I encourage all to go pick up your own copy and see for your self. I myself upon finishing the book I made the best decision of my life accepting Jesus into my life and I am in awe of what He is doing with me already. I never thought this possible me coming from a background where my mother is traditional, and my father is catholic, so here I was torn between two people I love so dearly. But I could not find the truth in them meaning the religions that my parents chose to believe in. Reading this book has opened my eyes and set me free, no longer am I afraid to lose the ones I love because I choose to believe in Jesus our savior. The book ministered these words to me Psalm 27:10 When my father and mother forsake me, Then the Lord will take care of me. Oh how it meant so much just to hear those words, the very word that would change my fear into hope, not only meant for me but for YOU also. I am on fire for the Lord”

– C. Mooswa


I Miss you!

Isaiah 55:6

Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near

I can’t explain exactly how I’m feeling…all I can say is that I miss and long to be in His presence the way I used to…

It seems lately I  find myself in front of the t.v watchin all these reality shows and things that I had no interest in before….its so subtle how things come in to our lives again and slowly begin to take over….

I disconnected cable before because I had a problem with the many things that are on there and didn’t want my children learning from there….not saying that t.v is bad but a lot of the things that air….isn’t any good …and now I feel like I’m slowly being desensitized and things that used to bother me don’t anymore….and its grieving the Holy Spirit…..my walk with Christ has taken a back seat…and how did I get here?

Read more at Sonia’s Blog


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